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Shiny Triangle Slippers [Black × Gold] / 3 size


Medium : JP 25cm / U.S. 7-7.5 / EU 40
Large : JP 27cm / U.S. 9-9.5 / EU 43
XL : JP 29cm / U.S. 11 / EU 45

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*Notes on size and our slippers

Polyester, Rayon
Wool felt soles
Hande made by slippers craftsman.
Made in Japan.

Heiwa Slippers bring new charm to the classic design of Japanese style slippers. These slippers are made by skilled Japanese craftsmen. Each pair is carefully constructed by hand using traditional instruments.
The cushioned sole has just the right amount of thickness and molds to your foot. The authentic wool felt bottom is soft and light to ensure quiet footsteps. Recommended for guests, as well. These simply designed Japanese style slippers offer everyday functionality that you will not get tired of.

Not washable. The arrangement of the print may vary slightly from pair to pair.

■ How did the slipper become so common in Japan?

As you may know, it is our common practice to take our shoes off when we go in the house to keep the floor clean. Then why do we wear slippers in the house?

It is said that the origin of slipper firstly appeared in Japan in the beginning of Meiji era (1968-1912), which was the time Japan was opening its country to the world and having more people visited from outside, especially from Western countries. However, those visitors of course walked straight into the houses or hotel rooms without taking their shoes off. Japanese people worried that the floor would eventually get dirty and the tatami would be damaged. Slipper was devised to deal with those problems and to welcome people who came from different cultural background.

We believe slipper can be a bridge to the peace (= “Heiwa”).
- Heiwa Slipper

Japanese "slippers" are an indispensable part of relaxing at home in Japan but they also play an important role in entertaining guests. In a Japanese household, aside from the slippers normally used by family, there are many households who prepare special slippers for guests as well. We use slippers that are just slightly special for these guests. This is a way of showing "omotenashi" to our guests. Each pair of slippers has its own cultural background. We hope you will enjoy our Japanese-style slippers! 


Shiny Triangle Slippers [Black × Gold] / 3 size

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