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OneCushion Vinyl Record #3

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OneCushion Cat #2 [Free Shipping]

Made in Japan / Cotton,Polyester / Silkscreen Printed

Size: Ø27cm D12cm

Handmade cushions created by the Japanese artist Satoshi Onodera.
With their unique designs silkscreen printed on recycled cloth, these cushions are created entirely by hand from start to finish, ensuring each piece is one of a kind.
Satoshi Onodera creates stencils based on his own hand-drawn works and uses them to silkscreen the patterns. He then adds hand drawn elements on top of the prints in layers and layers to create these gorgeous works. These are luxurious items, since he uses several times as much stuffing as is typically contained in cushions.  These are certain to make a wonderful gift for those you care about.
The cushions contain elements of space, nature, love, music, and a message for all people.

*Representing various colors by overlapping silk screen printing.
*Some items are using phosphorescent or fluorescent paint. Depending on items, it absorbs light and glows in a dark place or reacts to black light.
*OneCushion use more cotton padding than normal cushion.

◎ Note
· For families with small children and pets, beware of accidental ingestion. Even if an accident happens, we are not responsible, so please understand.
· It may be damaged by repeated use.  Please be careful not to pull it add strong force.
· This product can be washed. We recommend carefuly Handwash. and avoid using a dryer, please sun it in the sun.

OneCushion Vinyl Record #3

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