About the size of our slippers

Standard slippers size


U.S. and EU sizes are approximate figures, converted from Japanese sizes. For exact sizes, please refer to Japanese sizes. Japanese sizes are mainly expressed in centimeters of maximum length.


standard slippers

 Japan  U.S. EU
Medium 25~25.5cm
Large 27.5cm
XL 29-30cm

Please note that our slippers are sized in Japan, which is slightly different from the international size fit.

“About the size of our slippers.”

The size of our slippers will be Japanese size. Approximate U.S. and EU shoe sizes are listed, but size fits may vary slightly. If you are uncertain about choosing a size, we recommend choosing a slightly larger size.

We can accept returns even if the size does not fit you.
However, The customers are to pay the postage for returns.

* International airmail to Japan may be restricted due to COVID-19. Please return it by Surface mail or other possible method. Please be sure to let us know your tracking number. Thank you.

1. Our slipper sizes are measured according to Japanese measurements. Please refer to the conversion chart for the best estimate for your size. We also display US sizes.

2. Japanese shoe sizes are measured in centimeters.

3. Japanese shoe sizes are all measured by the length of the insoles. (They are not measured by the length of the bottom or the outsoles of the slippers.)

4. If your feet are wider than average, we recommend that you purchase a slightly larger size of slippers.

5. Hand woven slippers or leather slippers tend to stretch and expand as you break into the material.

6. Depending on the type of slippers, we cannot manufacture large sizes such as XL.

7. All of our slippers, for the most part, cannot be washed. You can take care of the slippers by wiping and cleaning them, or drying them out in the sun. As for our leather products, you can take care of them as you would any other leather shoes.

8. Our slippers, with some exceptions, are intended for indoor use.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Small Medium Large XL Kids

Please refer to global shoe manufacturer's size chart as a guide.
Nike Japan, for example.

Japanese shoe size is in "cm" inscription. For converting U.S size or EU size notation refer to charts such as wiki or Nike etc.


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