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Heiwa Slipper

[Size 25.5cm] Denim upcycle soles slippers / Denim Hiroshima Simple

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$49.99 USD

Limited one pair

Japanese Size 25.5cm (Japanese size: fits Asian size)

insole length 25.5cm

(outsole length 28.5cm)

Material: Cotton (Denim Japan Made) 

Made in Japan

These slippers made using  incorporate recycled materials. The insoles of these slippers are made by "upcycling" scraps discarded during the weaving of denim. It is said that Japan's denim industry discards around 200,000 meters of denim each day, so we have put some of this denim to use in the cushioned insoles of our slippers. The texture of these insoles feels good, and is comfortable upon the soles of your feet.