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[26.5cm] :KON2 slippers 2019-006


Size : 26.5cm (Japan size / insole length) ≒ US 8.5

Height 4.5cm Width 10cm Width (in front of shoe) 10cm

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Material: cotton vegetable fiber (sedge) rice straw / made in Japan

Not washable.
Slightly slippery. (Wet tile, slippery floor etc.)
be careful. People with weak legs.

These traditional slippers are carefully woven by elderly women living in Japan's rural mountain villages. In the winter, when there is little farming to be done, they carefully weave one slipper at a time. They wrap sedge grass and rice plants in cloth and old clothing for extra durability and comfort. The result is a slipper that gently massages the sole.
However, fewer and fewer people know how to weave these slippers, so they are becoming less common in daily life. What's more, those who can weave them are growing quite old. This is why we want to spread the word about these wonderful slippers.

[26.5cm] :KON2 slippers 2019-006

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