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Heiwa Slipper

Yellow Zouri Slippers vinyl | Large JP 26.5cm

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$89.99 USD

Size: Large / Japan 26.5cm Width 11cm

Type: Zouri / Support

These Zouri slippers are crafted by people with sight and hearing disabilities. Despite handicaps, they are able to use their spectacular sense of touch to create beautiful products.

Material : polyester, vinyl, PP

Made in Japan


These slippers are made of a special material. The color may fade or discolor with use. If you do not want discoloration or deterioration, we recommend using them for decoration as works of art.

*Note 2:
The cloth of these Zouri sandal straps sometimes stretches after being worn. If so, adjust the length by unraveling the strap at the back so that it can be retied. The back is designed to be easily unraveled for simple readjustment when the strap stretches. Indoor slippers.