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Heiwa Slipper

Large Printing Stamped Fabric Slippers [Black wool felt soles] L2210 [Size Large]

$1,562.00 TWD
$1,562.00 TWD

*The arrangement of the print may vary slightly from pair to pair

*It is made of a special printed fabric with a stamped pattern. On the printed fabric, there is a thin stamp pattern of traces.

Type: Print allover / Black wool felt soles
Size:  Large

 SIZE  U.S. EU Japan
Large 9~9.5 43 27~28cm

*Notes: Size guide
* The arrangement of the print may vary slightly from pair to pair.

Material : Batik print cotton / Black wool felt soles
Made in Japan.  Hand made by slippers craftsman.
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Not washable.
The color will run. Be careful not to put it together with white items as the color may bleed if the denim gets wet or brushes against them.

Heiwa Slippers bring new charm to the classic design of Japanese style slippers. These slippers are made by skilled Japanese craftsmen. Each pair is carefully constructed by hand using traditional instruments.
The cushioned sole has just the right amount of thickness and molds to your foot. Recommended for guests, as well. These simply designed Japanese style slippers offer everyday functionality that you will not get tired of.

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