Wooden slippers | Before and after shower - Natural material [Heiwa Slipper]

Wooden slippers | Before and after shower - Natural material [Heiwa Slipper]

Before and after taking a shower, many people, even those who don't typically wear indoor slippers at home, seem to put on slippers. Indeed, I believe slippers are a convenient item before and after showering.

However, regular slippers tend to get wet, retain moisture, and become dirty. In regions with high humidity, they can also promote mold growth. Once they become wet, they are not comfortable to wear.

In such situations, I recommend our wood slippers. These slippers are particularly popular for summer use in Japan.
Nevertheless, they are also highly recommended for use before and after a shower.

The reason is that they are made from natural Japanese wood, which naturally absorbs moisture. Even if your feet get slightly wet, they maintain a smooth and comfortable feel.
*Please note that they are not waterproof, so it is advisable to minimize water exposure.

Our wood slippers are designed in a modern style inspired by Geta, traditional Japanese wooden footwear. They are also commonly utilized in traditional Japanese hot spring inns.

There are two types available: one featuring a traditional thong strap and the other with a comfortable belt. Additionally, there are versions with a protective painted surface and others with a natural, unpainted finish.

Both types can withstand some moisture, but the unpainted ones can absorb foot sweat, providing a pleasant experience during summer or in high humidity environments. Moreover, the black painted type and others are exceptionally sturdy, making them suitable not only for before and after showers but also for use on terraces and in gardens.

We encourage you to give them a try.


Each pair of slippers has its own cultural background. We hope you will enjoy our Japanese-style slippers! We believe slipper can be a bridge to the peace  (= “Heiwa”).


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