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These traditional slippers are carefully woven by elderly women living in Japan's rural mountain villages. In the winter, when there is little farming to be done, they carefully weave one slipper at a time. They wrap sedge grass and rice plants in cloth and old clothing for extra durability and comfort. The result is a slipper that gently massages the sole.
However, fewer and fewer people know how to weave these slippers, so they are becoming less common in daily life. What's more, those who can weave them are growing quite old. This is why we want to spread the word about these wonderful slippers. 

Straw is bundled using cloth from old clothes or pieces of leftover cloth, and then weaved into these slippers. Straw alone is not strong, and is also rough on the skin. By wrapping straw with cotton cloth, you have something that is both sturdy, and with colors that can be enjoyed.

The bumpy soles of these slippers are of the right hardness to comfortably stimulate the soles of your feet. The natural fibers and cotton material allow the slippers to breathe, making them recommended even during hot summer seasons.

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