Slippers Keep Your House Clean

Slippers Keep Your House Clean

In Japan, people take off their shoes inside the house and change into barefoot, or indoor slippers like we produce.

Taking off shoes inside the house, this has the great advantage of keeping the house clean.

In Japan, with its “Tatami" culture, people sit or lie down directly on tatami mats or the floor, and may even eat on the floor. However, it rains a lot and the humidity is high, so if you go inside the house with your shoes on, you will make the tatami muddy or dirty.

Taking off your shoes and entering the house is necessary for both appearance and hygiene, to keep the room beautiful, clean and comfortable.

Also, recently, due to the pandemic, it has become more important to be more hygienic and careful in our lives. It is necessary to protect the health of us and our loved ones.

Taking off our shoes and living at home will reduce the amount of outside dirt and grime we bring into our homes. It will also make daily cleaning easier.

Enjoy the indoor slippers that will make you want to take off your shoes and change them.


Each pair of slippers has its own cultural background. We hope you will enjoy our Japanese-style slippers! We believe slipper can be a bridge to the peace  (= “Heiwa”).


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