What does "Heiwa" mean?

What does "Heiwa" mean?

Our brand name is "Heiwa Slipper."

"Heiwa" means "peace" in Japanese. The reason why we have chosen to use the word for peace can be traced back to the very birth of Japanese style slippers themselves.

As it goes, the birth of Japanese style slippers was born out of consideration for foreign visitors with different cultures (those that would wear the same shoes both indoors and out) coming to Japan when the country opened up to the outside world, and gave them something to wear indoors.

We believe that the spirit of respect and compassion for people with different cultures from yourself is the first step towards peace.

The feeling of tranquility you get when you put on your favorite slippers, as well as the slippers you offer out in welcome to those precious guests.

We cherish the feelings of "Heiwa 平和" in everyday life!

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