Woven corn husks

Woven corn husks

These slippers are made in farm villages in northern Japan.

They are made from naturally dried, woven corn husk. Inedible corn husks have been disposed of in very large quantities, but these slippers recycle and make use of them.

In the autumn when corn is harvested, the corn husks are carefully peeled away and dried, and then in the winter when farm work comes to an end the husks are meticulously woven together.

It is a process that requires an extremely difficult and time-consuming technique. When finished, the sippers are remarkably light and breathable.

Because they don't collect moisture, you can feel completely comfortable wearing them without ever feeling any dampness.

They are best for wearing in the summer, but as they are also able to retain heat, they remain slightly warm during autumn and winter.

However, as the manufacturers of these slippers are aging, their numbers are declining.

The amount manufactured each year is dropping sharply, generating concerns over continuing production in the future. 

We are very eager to make as many people as possible aware of these slipper's appeal 👍👍👍



Each pair of slippers has its own cultural background. We hope you will enjoy our Japanese-style slippers! We believe slipper can be a bridge to the peace  (= “Heiwa”).


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