Zigzag pattern loved around the world and popular in Japan

Zigzag pattern loved around the world and popular in Japan

The zigzag pattern is a fun pattern loved around the world.

In Japan, many people associate the “zig-zag" pattern with saws, but in Japanese, the pattern is called "giza-giza".

Some believe that "giza-giza" is derived from the Japanese word "kizakimu,刻む" which means "to chop," and was pronounced continuously to express a finely chopped shape like the blade of a saw. *kiza-kiza ~ giza-giza

These slippers are made of luxurious fabric beautifully block-printed by artisans in India.

It takes special skill and delicacy to beautifully craft such an ultra-thin fabric into Japanese-style indoor footwear.

The world is a big place with many beautiful cultures. There is diversity, but there are also universal patterns, like the zigzag, that are loved by people all over the world. We hope you will enjoy them as well.

Just like the reason why Japanese indoor slippers were created over 100 years ago, we would like to respect and actively incorporate cultures from all over the world.


Each pair of slippers has its own cultural background. We hope you will enjoy our Japanese-style slippers! We believe slipper can be a bridge to the peace  (= “Heiwa”).


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