Japanese House Slippers | Crafted by Japanese artisans | Heiwa Slipper

Japanese House Slippers | Heiwa Slipper

High-quality, small-batch slippers crafted by Japanese artisans

Heiwa Slipper

Our slippers are individually handcrafted in Japan, using nostalgic tools and machinery that still require artisanal skills and manual work. They are created in a manner entirely opposite to mass production. Incorporating unique prints inspired by global traditions and using distinctive materials takes time and effort, significantly reducing our output. Yet, we embrace this approach to honor diverse values, uniqueness, and the joy of craftsmanship.

Our classic style, the Standard Slipper, embodies the essence of Japanese indoor footwear—optimized for indoor use, comfortable and easy to slip on and off, suitable for all genders and ages, ensuring a relaxed experience.

Another significant feature of Japanese-style slippers is their use for guests. In Japan, it's common for households to offer special slippers for guests when they visit. Wouldn't this custom be helpful in homes outside of Japan as well? Offering unique and beautiful slippers to guests not only encourages them to remove outdoor shoes but also sparks engaging conversations. Our slippers are highly recommended for guest use. 


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