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These slippers are made from recycled scraps of fabric discarded by a knitted items factory. As they are made from recycled materials, the size and colour of individual slippers in a pair may have some minute discrepancies. These slippers are elastic. We would recommend these slippers for when you want to relax, or make yourself comfortable.

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Purchase Notes
These slippers are handmade in stretchy knit and are not normal shoe sizes.
Our knit slippers come in three sizes. However, the size and weight of each pair are all different. The strength of the stretch is also different. The colors are also all different.
If you have any questions about sizes, please feel free to contact us. Please wait a few days and we will be able to provide you with more detailed measurements and a photo of the item you are interested in.
Suitable for use in a relaxed environment rather than when walking or moving frequently. Not recommended for people with walking problems.