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Heiwa Slipper

Wood summer Indoor slippers Geta Japanese Slippers MIZU [Indoor]

Wood summer Indoor slippers Geta Japanese Slippers MIZU [Indoor]

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Size: Medium / Large / XL
Type: Wood / Summer / Zori

Unpainted natural wood Indoor slippers.

These slippers are in Japanese style size. Please refer to the Japanese size in cm; U.S. and EU sizes are approximate.

Medium 24cm 7 38-39
Large 26cm 9 42
XL 27.5cm 10 43-44

Please note:
These slippers are slightly different from regular slipper sizes, please refer to the actual measurements in CM.

Skilled craftsmanship. Five layers of very thinly cut, unpainted wood. This makes it soft and pliable. The uncoated cedar wood absorbs perspiration and is very comfortable to wear.



  • Do not use if you have weak or problematic feet.
  • Strong impact or putting weight on the stair steps may cause these slippers to crack.
  • The uncoated surface will deteriorate when wet. Cannot be washed in water. Do not use in places where water is used.
  • Please note that the color of the wood will change.


  • Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) unpainted natural
  • Cotton 
  • EVA
  • Leather sole

Hand made by slippers craftsman.
Made in Japan

Introducing the perfect slippers for summer!!!

These slippers are crafted using natural Japanese wood, left untreated to preserve its inherent moisture-absorbing properties. With a contemporary design upgrade, they embody a beautiful fusion of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern style.

Unpainted natural slippers are highly absorbent, soaking up sweat and moisture, which makes them comfortable to wear, even in the heat of summer. In Japan, they are commonly used in onsen ryokan or after bathing. As the unpainted wood is used, its color gradually darkens to match the patina of well-worn wood.

The slippers absorb foot sweat, leading to discoloration in areas frequently in contact with the feet. While they offer a pleasant tactile experience, it's inevitable that the wooden parts will age and develop a patina over time.

📢 Wooden Slipper Odor Problems and Care

The scent of wooden slippers can vary greatly depending on the usage environment and individual characteristics. Storing them in humid, hot, or poorly ventilated spaces is not advisable as it may lead to odors. Personally, I've never found the wooden slippers to be bothersome in my living environment in Japan. Given their open design and excellent moisture absorption properties, I believe they are unlikely to be a significant source of odor. In fact, conventional cotton slippers tend to pose more of an odor concern. If you're worried about odors, simply wipe the slippers with a damp cloth and allow them to air dry in a well-lit area. While it's safe to lightly dampen painted slippers, soaking unpainted ones in water could damage the wood or cause cracking upon drying. Therefore, it's best to wipe them clean with a cloth instead.

We hope you'll enjoy these beautiful slippers throughout the summer season!

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